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How to Add a Simple Sales Funnel to Your Site

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Growing your business is the goal, right? Whether it’s capturing more leads, driving more profits or building up your email list, your biggest focus in your business is probably continuing to scale and up your game as best as you can. Your biggest weapon? Your airtight, simple sales funnel built on your website.

Oh, you don’t have one yet?

We dug deep into sales funnels last week, but here’s a little refresher:

Quick Recap: What Is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnels are your customer journey from the moment to learn you exist to the moment that they click “buy.” Starting with awareness and leading all the way into action, your sales funnel involves all of the pieces in your puzzle — Facebook ads, lead magnets, nurturing your list, connecting with your customers, and everything in between — that drives your audience into taking an action you want.

A note: It all sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. Promise.

When Should You Add a Sales Funnel to Your Site?

You put a lot of work into your website, so it’s important to make sure that your website is working for you. You can do this by building your sales funnel into your website. But when is the right time to add your simple sales funnel to your website?

Quick answer: Now. Well, maybe even yesterday.

Long answer? Anytime you have an action you want your audience to take, you should set up a sales funnel. Maybe that action is encouraging someone to sign up for an email list. Maybe it’s asking people to buy a course. Maybe it’s purchasing a product. Whatever it is, a simple sales funnel is your go-to method for making it happen.

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So… How Do You Add a Simple Sales Funnel to Your Website?

You understand that you need a sales funnel, and you see the power it can have… but you don’t know how to actually do it. Does that sound about right? I’ve got you covered. Building a simple sales funnel with your website doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming, and it can create a big impact in your business.

Step 1: Content, Content, Content.

First up? Overwhelm with value. Want to sell something? Back it up and showcase your expertise first. No one should be expected to make a purchase — or, heck, even sign up for an email list — if you haven’t taken the time to build out a site that offers plenty of value to your audience. I can talk about the importance of a content strategy all day long, because it’s that valuable. Whether you blog regularly, have a YouTube channel, or produce a podcast doesn’t matter — just make sure you’re actually handing out value (for free!) first.

Step 2: Create a Dedicated Landing Page.

Next, you can start building out landing pages! I’m a big fan of having dedicated landing pages for your offers (it just makes things cleaner, you know?), and it helps you collect data much easier. Using clean, conversion-driven copy and a minimal layout, you can make your value prop quickly and encourage people to opt on in. 

A really quick sidenote, but if you need support building a conversion-focused landing page, check out our Landing Page Kit in the Shop.

Step 3: Build an Incredible Freebie.

People like to be rewarded for opting in, okay? It’s just human nature. Make sure you’re ready to go by crafting a freebie that’s truly a brilliant, value-packed addition to anyone’s life or business. That way, you can offer value in exchange for their email. On one level, having incredible freebies makes writing landing pages waaaaay easier… but on another, it shows your potential customers that you really do know what you’re talking about when it comes to the insane amount of value you can offer.

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Step 4: Make Your Offer.

Now that you’ve created a space where you can collect email addresses and you have yourself a lead magnet (which you’ve used to showcase your value and position yourself like a pro), you’re ready to make your offer. Along with your expert-driven content, your well-crafted landing pages, and your irresistible freebies, you’re in the perfect position to put your offer forward and show that you have a solution for a problem that your audience is experiencing. There are a couple ways to do this — my favorite of which being a well-structured drip campaign right into your potential customer’s inbox. Either way, you’ve got it on lock.

Download the Ultimate Content Strategy Guide by Uno Dos Trae

To create a sales funnel that truly converts, you’re going to need a website that helps you actually make moves that turn into action. Your best plan of attack? A content strategy that helps get your site in front of more potential eyes — essentially making you more sales, bigger conversions, and a hefty list of leads. Download my Content Strategy Checklist here, and start creating content that actually brings you profit.




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