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3 Valuable Content Ideas for Product-Based Businesses


By Tracy Dungo

Content for Product Based Businesses - Uno Dos Trae

I’m a big fan of driving home the importance of content. After all, the addition of great content can create a major advantage for your business… as long as it’s done right. The buck doesn’t stop with service-based businesses, either. Product-based business can benefit hugely from a content strategy, and it’s important to have one.

At the same time, I’ve definitely seen product-based businesses who fall short when it comes to a content strategy. When done the right way, content can be incredibly valuable to your customers and to your brand as a whole. When done the wrong way? Not so much.

It’s all in finding the right ways to connect, create, and educate with value. Since it can be tough to create a content strategy as a product-based business, I’m giving you three of my go-to’s for creating valuable content that makes sense for your brand.

Why Do Product-Based Businesses Need a Content Strategy?

It’s simple: every single business needs some sort of content strategy, no matter whether they provide a service or sell a product. It’s all about building consumer trust, showing up for your audience and bringing a unique perspective to your field. While not every business needs a blog presence — or wants one — it’s important to find content-based ways to connect with your audience on a higher level and build brand trust.

When it comes to product-based businesses, the solution lies right in your zone of genius. Show your audience why your product works, who it works for, and why they should buy it. Boom. You’ve hit gold!

3 Valuable Content Ideas for Product-Based Businesses

Product Tutorials or Demos

One of the absolute best ways to produce product-based content? Show your audience how that killer product of yours can make their lives better. It might be by making things easier, by adding in beauty, by providing an outlet for self-expression, or even by giving inspiration. Whichever direction you go in, you know how incredible your product is: so show it off with your content!

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Brand that does this well: Frank Body Coffee Scrub

The (deliciously-smelling) coffee scrub company is always showing their customers exactly how — and where! — to use their scrubs for the best results. It encourages people to purchase and to put their own scrubs to use… because the audience can see that it works.

Peer Brand Partnerships

One of my other favorite ways to create content is to invite your peers to join in by identifying peer brands in your space to partner or collaborate with. This brings in a level that you simply can’t do on your own, whether it’s hosting an incredible giveaway or bundling together products to create a shared offering.

In order to really amp up the effectiveness, aim to find that kind of partner that brings in something totally unique — something that your business couldn’t do — and then do the same. That is where magic starts to happen. Consider a luggage company partnering with a travel experience brand or a remote coworking company. It just makes sense!

Brand that does this well: The Bundle Co.

The Bundle Co. is one of the best examples I’ve ever seen building up the idea of collaboration among brands. The incredible courses and bundles they create are at an immense value to the buyers, which makes a huge impact on the people that buy them and the businesses that participate.

Influencer Features

Next up: the good old influencer collaboration. Use your product in line with influencers that are aspirational to your ideal audience and show them using your product in the context of their own lifestyles. This inspire your audience to try it out too. They don’t have to be massive influencers, either: micro and nano influencers have shown to make a way bigger return on investment via engagement anyways.

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The thing is, the absolute best way you can promote a product is by finding a way to let it intermingle with your audience’s lives — and seeing it done aspirationally with trusted influencers? That is the ticket to influencer features to enhance your product-based business content strategy.

Brand that does this well: Tevas

Tevas is one of those brands that manages to cultivate an adventurous lifestyle simply by putting their product on other people’s feet, and they do an excellent job of finding influencers that *actually* align with their brand. 

See? Creating content for your product-based business can be such an incredible, valuable, and easy way to drum up excitement, trust, and success with your audience. It’s really all about finding the right people and the right formats… and it can pay off big time. 

Download the Ultimate Content Strategy Guide by Uno Dos Trae

Your next step in killing the product content game is downloading my Content Strategy Guide, which I’ve packed with everything you need to know about creating content that helps you sell. Now, go create that content, my friend! You’ve got it on lock.

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