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Content That Works: 3 Checks To Creating Content For Your Ideal Customer

Content That Works - 3 Checks for Creating Content Ideal Client - Uno Dos Trae

We talk a lot about the power of really great content here at Uno Dos Trae and what it can do for your website and brand, from how it can position you as an authority in your space to the eventual benefits it can have on your bottom line. But something I see a lot of entrepreneurs still struggling with is how to consistently create content that works every.damn.time with their dream audience.

It can be a little overwhelming to take on so many responsibilities with your content, right? You know you need it and you have the tools to create it, but you also need to make sure that your content lands right so it engages with your existing audience while also attracting new leads that are high-quality and more primed to be on board with what you have to offer.

Otherwise…what’s the point?

Trust me—I totally understand where you’re coming from, because there have been many times in my own business journey when I realized that my own content wasn’t sticking with the exact people I was creating for and I’ve had to pivot my approach. And you know what? I’m probably going to have to do it a few more times later down the road (‘tis business, as they say).

But after having done this for a few years now, I have developed a few “checks” that I  up my sleeve for making sure that the content I’m creating ultimately resonates with the right people. Let’s run through them.

1. Remembering The End Goal

But Tracy, isn’t the money in my product? What does content have to do with it?

Creating content can feel overwhelming, so it can help a ton to remember the benefits it can have for your brand and website.

Whether you’re a product-based business or a service provider, creating content is a super effective way to solidify your position as a go-to leader in your space and build trust with your existing audience. I’m a big believer in what you put out there is what you get in return. If you’re consistently dropping excellent free content on your site and social channels, you’re going to eventually get people to think about how insanely good your paid services are (hello conversion rates!).

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This also works if you sell physical products, too—if you’re creating content that brings your brand’s world to life (for example, sharing your company’s core values or philosophy, what the production process looks like, creating an interview series with like minded influencers or collaborative brands) and it lands with your audience, people are going to want to be a part of that. And then your product becomes the tangible thing your customers will want to pay for in order to be a part of that life.

Now, let’s talk about leads. When it comes to customer acquisition and growing your community with new leads, it’s easier to think about creating effective content when you realize how strategic it actually is. I know the land of search engine optimization (SEO) is a difficult one to understand on a good day. But, you’re one step ahead when you’re already creating content. Having a consistent blog page on your site helps you rank higher in organic search (all the while sending more visitors to your site), giving you a SEO leg-up just like that.

2. Know Your Audience Like The Back Of Your Hand

When I feel like my own content isn’t landing with my customers, it’s usually because of one thing: I haven’t been giving the people what they want.

For example, I check-in with my mailing list pretty regularly to see what else they want to see from me and my team… and more times than not, I learn that a good part of my audience is usually looking for something totally different from what I thought they all wanted to learn next. It happens every time.

So I make sure to always stay nimble in my content strategy and refocus my understanding of who I am writing for and what their customer transformation should look like.

Make sure you always know where your audience is at, where they want to go after engaging with your content, and how you can bridge that gap for them. When you grasp those key pieces of the puzzle, you know you’ll have content that works… because you’re tailoring it to the right people

3. Make Sure You’re Attracting The Right Audience

The last thing I check when it comes to making content that works is to make sure that I’m still attracting the right audience. The people you are uniquely qualified to serve may eventually find you but creating content specifically for them and being proactive about the attraction process (as in going to meet them where they are already hanging out) will bring in results faster than waiting for it all of it to happen for you.

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Without making an effort to call in the people you are uniquely qualified to serve, you’re really just creating content for the sake of creating content—and that’s no bueno for anyone. The thing is, these people may eventually come find your content, a la Field of Dreams… but they might not. So going to meet them where they are already hanging out will bring in results faster than waiting for it all of it to happen for you. Your unique perspective and talents were meant to be seen!

If you’re wondering where to start, first make sure your content is optimized for SEO (keywords, keywords, keywords!), and promote the heck out of each piece you create. If you have a newsletter, share your content there. If you have social platforms, post your content to them. I’m also a huge fan of Pinterest marketing as a free and effective way to get more reach as well as promoting to like-minded communities via Facebook groups. Either way, brag on yourself a little. You can’t get people to believe in you if you’re not going to believe in yourself first.

Feels pretty good to know these content checks, huh? Creating content is important, but it’s really effective if you’re doing it in a way that works for your audience. Trust your message, know your audience, and believe in your value, because it pays off.

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