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The 3 things every piece of content should have

Content Creation Marketing: The 3 Things You Need in Every Piece of Content

3 things you need in every piece of your content creation marketing process
3 things you need in every piece of your content creation marketing process
3 things you need in every piece of your content creation marketing process
3 things you need in every piece of your content creation marketing process

3 things you need in every piece of your content creation marketing process

There’s something that I think every creative business owner can agree on: if creating content is your thing, it’s one of the most fun parts of business. If creating content isn’t your thing? Woof. It’s a big ole’ headache.

I get it. I’m always ebbing and flowing when it comes to being motivated to share out content all the time, especially when my client load is heavy and I’m knee-deep in the design and strategy pieces of my business that I really thrive on. While there really are few things that I love more than content creation marketing that truly resonates, I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t a drag sometimes.

I’m sure you feel me on this, or you probably wouldn’t have clicked on this blog post. Here’s the thing, though: every brand you love has a content marketing strategy, even if you don’t quite realize it yet

Whether we’re talking about our favorite digital entrepreneurs and their blogs, we’re talking about big players like Apple and Microsoft, or we‘re talking about our favorite grocery stores (seriously! Look at Trader Joe’s), content creation marketing is a key part of building a valuable business in 2020. From user-generated content to blogs to ad campaigns rooted in storytelling, content is queen. 

And while it’s easy to overthink the process (especially when faced with the pressure of a blinking cursor on your screen), there are only 3 things you have to remember to create memorable content that resonates with your audience.

After reading this article, you’ll learn the 3 key factors that go into creating cohesive content for your brand so you can work more efficiently in your content creation marketing process.

3 Things You Need For Content Creation Marketing

Your brand needs a killer content strategy; here is how to make your strategy stick:

  1. Cohesive storytelling, from the bottom to the top

A content creation marketing strategy that works for your business doesn’t mean creating content just to create content. Instead, a content strategy that works for your business is one that resonates with your clients (and with you!), stays relevant for more than a week, and builds on the lessons you want your brand to teach others. So much of an excellent brand involves storytelling — from the visual aspects that we all love so much to the words we share — and that goes for your content, too.

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When creating content for your business — whether it be a newsletter, a blog post, or a video series — make sure that it follows through with your brand story. From the tone to the lesson to the visuals, each piece of content you push out should tell a story and follow your brand. Whether that means that you’re writing blogs that reflect your heart or you’re creating an email newsletter meant to teach your customers something new, cohesive storytelling is key. 

  1. Something for you to measure

While content creation marketing is a fun piece of the puzzle for your customers and clients, it should also have some payoff for you. With every piece of content you share out, add in something that allows you to track potential leads and measure possible ROI’s. When you think about it, you don’t ever want to waste time in your business by pushing out things that won’t benefit you in the long run (or that won’t show you what is and isn’t working). So, make sure that your content gives potential customers a chance to subscribe to your email list, buy a product, or even like your Facebook page. 

  1. A killer call to action

It’s Marketing 101 that calls to action are essential to great content, right? Don’t ever miss out on opportunity in your biz by neglecting a call to action that your reader can’t help but take. Calls to actions are great ways for you to show off your content, too. Offer freebies and downloadables that align with your content, drop your email for a potential client to ask you a question, or simply encourage them to take some action in their OWN lives.

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After all, any action that a reader takes after looking at a piece of your content means that your message resonated with them in some way. As creative business owners, what more can we ask for? Make your content so readable and relatable that action is at the top of someone’s mind by the time they reach the bottom of the page. 


When you approach it the right way, creating content that you and your readers love doesn’t have to feel like a mountain to climb over. By adding in these 3 things to every content creation marketing piece that you push out, you’ll know you’re creating powerful content that resonates with each and every person that reads it. And, because we know Instagram is a BIG part of the content game, download my weekly content planner for IG right here.

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