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Website Content Strategy: 3 Ways To Connect With Your Dream Customers


By Tracy Dungo

3 Ways To Boost Your Website Content Strategy |

Let’s talk about your website content strategy. As in, have you ever felt like you’ve hit a wall with your website?

Like, everything looks nice and all. Your visuals align with your branding. Your signature products are prominently featured on your homepage. And you worked really hard on your web copy; your site is saying exactly what you want it to say to anyone who visits your site.

Even more importantly, people are actually finding you…your site traffic is pretty good.

But when it comes to getting them to stick around and engage with your content…crickets.

This is what I call website fatigue. You’re in a rut.

Your audience keeps bouncing because they can’t exactly find what they’re looking for on your website.

That means you’re not exactly sure what your ideal customers want. And even your analytics will tell you…not knowing what your ideal audience wants is getting you less results despite all of your effort. So now what?

Get In The Weeds And Solve For The Pain Points

The answer to website fatigue lies within your website content strategy: you have to become the solution.

Right now, your website is primed to be one of the best marketing tools in your business toolkit. But you have to get in the weeds and find out what your ideal customers’ pain points are. What are they struggling with? What are other similar products in your space not doing for them that they landed on your website?

Once you know those pain points, go and solve for that through your products and content.

So many people try to recreate the wheel or spend unnecessary time tinkering away at their site thinking small updates will change things. Their website content strategy is the last thing they bother with and oftentimes, this takes them further away from where they started.

But if you have trust in your branding and design, then the next step is listening to your customers. Listen to their needs and then provide the exact solution they are already desperately searching for.

And it’s not even hard to do. All you gotta do is ask.

But I don’t want you to ask just anybody. Ask your best quality followers.

New people on your mailing list who have recently downloaded one of your freebies. Previous clients and customers who have purchased from you in the past. Even site visitors willing to stick around and check out your content for a bit longer.

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These are the people who will give you a clear idea of your ideal demo, what they want out of your product or offering, and what made them consider your content in the first place. They are the only real qualified ones to give you the kind of impactful insight that could really drive your business forward.

But how do you do that without feeling too pushy? Start with these three strategies – they’re all super easy to integrate into your business and are all things you can do right now.

1. Personally reach out to previous customers or subscribers

You know those people who have engaged with your content before? These are your most qualified people. They already value your content and what you’re building and you should want to help them more. Reach out and check in with them- ask them how else you can help or what else are they struggling with. When they respond, create more content around their answer.

What You Can Do Right Now: Pull up your list of subscribers and email 5 high-quality subs (people who have downloaded a few of your free resources or who have engaged with your content on multiple occasions). Tell them, “I hope you’ve been enjoying [your piece, content, product, resource, gift, etc.]! I’d love to know what you think. Can you let me know what else you’d like to see?”

2. Be direct with your Welcome Sequence

A Welcome Series is a must-have for anybody with a mailing list. It’s an automated series of emails that new subscribers receive shortly after joining your list. It’s also the perfect place to ask new subscribers what they want to see more of from you.

What You Can Do Right Now: Add this question to one of your Welcome emails: “Can you hit reply and let me know the one thing you need help with right now/would like to see more of/etc.?”

3. Create a quiz on your website

Even when it feels like everyone who lands on your site bounces, that is 100% not true. If everything else on your website is working as it should, you will still have site visitors who stick around a bit longer to check out your content. Quizzes are a simple and more entertaining way for someone to engage with your site (especially when compared to handing over their email for another free download). Be sure to ask open-ended questions that are short but will also garner answers that you can actually use to serve your audience better.

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What You Can Do Right Now: Find an easy-to-use quiz plug-in that is compatible with your website (you can do a quick search on Google. Interact is a popular favorite). Install it, outline your quiz content in a separate doc so you can keep organized, and then get to work.

Your Website Content Strategy: Next Steps

Once you’ve gathered enough insight to know where the demand really is in your space, super charge your website and content. Start writing more blog posts about this topic. Refine your product offering so it’s the exact solution that your ideal customer is looking for.

Uno Tip: If you really want your website to speak directly to your ideal audience’s pain points, use their own words. As in, take notice of how they talk about their own pain points and incorporate that right into your copy and messaging.

These 3 ideas are quick, impactful wins for your business that you can claim today. Each one will help you step up your game and level up your website content strategy to fight that site fatigue. If you feel stuck, download my free checklist which will help you figure out which one of these strategies is a great fit for your business.

And as with most marketing strategies, don’t forget to track your analytics so you know what’s working for your brand (and what to keep doing) and what’s not working.

If you need some accountability, click here and give me a follow. Tag me in your post or story and show me that you’re on top of these website content strategies. I’ll repost and share with the rest of the Uno world to spread your drive and growth mindset with others. And let me know in the comments of other strategies that have worked for you to pull your site out of a rut! I’d love hear what else is working for you.

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