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Uniswap Foundation

Project Details: The Uniswap Foundation is a grants organization dedicated to supporting the growth, decentralization, and sustainability of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and the DeFi community. As a prominent player in the cryptocurrency space, the foundation sought assistance from Uno Dos Trae to create new branding and website experience, addressing various challenges to improve the Uniswap community's experience and facilitate grantee applications.

Client had 3 main goals they were looking to accomplish with this project:

1. Building a Home for the Uniswap Community
The Uniswap Foundation needed a centralized hub for the Uniswap community, providing easy access to essential tools and resources for participating in the network. 
  • Solution: Uno Dos Trae developed a user-friendly and intuitive website design, ensuring that visitors could navigate effortlessly and find the required information quickly. By creating a clear and organized layout, we optimized the website's structure to accommodate different target demographics, enabling each user group to locate the necessary tools and information easily.

2. Highlighting the Grants Program's Accomplishments: The Uniswap Foundation wanted to showcase the accomplishments of their grants program, demonstrating the impact it had on the DeFi ecosystem to date.
  • Solution: Uno Dos Trae implemented a visual storytelling approach to present the grants program's success effectively, incorporating compelling visuals and interactive elements. Through engaging design elements, including card layouts, dynamic filtering, and success stories, we helped the Uniswap Foundation communicate the impact of their grants program, fostering trust and attracting future grant applicants.

3. Supporting Future Grantee Applications: The Uniswap Foundation aimed to provide resources and guidance to support potential grantees in their application process.
  • Solution: Uno Dos Trae integrated and organized the foundation's comprehensive resources and informative content on the website, creating a knowledge base that aspiring grantees could access for assistance. By structuring the website to incorporate a dedicated section for grantee resources, we facilitated the application process, empowering potential grantees with the information they needed to submit successful applications.

Through our collaboration, Uno Dos Trae successfully helped the Uniswap Foundation achieve their objectives. Working closely with the foundation team, Uno Dos Trae crafted a custom branding strategy that complemented the Uniswap Protocol's existing brand while maintaining a distinct identity for the foundation. The new branding reflected a harmonious relationship, blending uniqueness with a professional, institutional feel befitting a grant organization.

In terms of web design and development, Uno Dos Trae ensured the website had a clean and well-organized layout, allowing site visitors to find the desired information quickly and effectively. Leveraging a user-friendly backend, the Uniswap Foundation's team could effortlessly manage and update the website's content on their end, ensuring the platform remained dynamic and up to date.

Overall, the Uniswap Foundation's reimagined branding and redesigned website have enhanced their online presence, fostering community engagement, and supporting the growth and decentralization of the DeFi ecosystem.

a decentralized financial system

a decentralized financial system

Raphaela sapire,
Head of Growth, uniswap foundation

"We work with a lot of agencies and none of them do a fraction of the work that Uno Dos Trae did for us. We would have paid twice as much for the results that Uno Dos Trae helped us get. It was that valuable."


Project Details: LevPro is a forward-thinking financial technology company that offers a modern SaaS platform for Fixed Income Investment Managers. Driven by AI, their innovative tools provide native automation and collaboration capabilities, revolutionizing a market that has traditionally relied on outdated methods such as Excel, email, and phone calls. LevPro approached Uno Dos Trae to elevate their branding and revamp their website, addressing specific challenges while emphasizing their unique value proposition in the industry.

Client had 3 main goals they were looking to accomplish with this project:

1. Develop Elevated Branding: LevPro needed a new branding strategy that would not only complement their existing brand colors used in their software but also differentiate them from other fintech and finance companies. 
  • Solution: Uno Dos Trae created a powerful and clean aesthetic that maintained the integrity of their signature blue while infusing a sense of professionalism and institutional credibility across various deliverables, including the logo that holds its own on investor decks and merchandise. By striking a balance between uniqueness and a professional appearance, we designed an elevated branding approach that made LevPro stand out in the finance industry while aligning with their target market's expectations.

Highlighting Differentiation: LevPro wanted to communicate the key factors that set them apart from other platforms in the space.
  • Solution: Uno Dos Trae crafted a compelling messaging strategy, leveraging concise and impactful content combined with engaging visuals to showcase LevPro's unique value proposition and its benefits for traders, portfolio managers, and the entire team. Through a combination of storytelling and visually captivating design elements, we helped LevPro communicate their differentiators effectively, enabling potential customers to understand the distinct advantages offered by their SaaS platform.

3. Streamlining Lead Generation and Demo Requests: LevPro sought a seamless way to educate leads, allow for self-nurturing, and facilitate the process of requesting a demo. 
  • Solution: Uno Dos Trae designed and developed a user-friendly website with a clear navigation structure, enabling visitors to easily access relevant information about LevPro's offerings and effortlessly request a demo. By optimizing the website's layout and creating an intuitive user flow, the result was an engaging platform that educated leads about LevPro's solutions, nurtured their interest, and facilitated the demo request process.

Collaborating closely with LevPro, Uno Dos Trae delivered a custom branding strategy that reflected their innovative approach while incorporating their signature blue color. The new branding positioned LevPro as a standout player in the fintech industry, blending differentiation with a professional and institutional appeal.

For the website, Uno Dos Trae designed a visually appealing and user-friendly website, providing visitors with a clear understanding of LevPro's offerings, their unique approach, and the benefits of their SaaS platform. Leveraging our expertise in web design and development, we prepared the website files for LevPro to host on their own servers, allowing them to maintain control and flexibility over the site's future development.

LevPro's reimagined branding and redesigned website have positioned them as an innovative and trusted partner for Fixed Income Investment Managers. Uno Dos Trae's contributions have empowered LevPro to effectively communicate their unique value proposition, attract new leads, and drive business growth within the financial technology sector.
John porges,
CO-Founder and coo, LEVPRO

"Uno Dos Trae has transformed our branding and website from noticeably lacking to one of our strengths as a company. As a startup serving large institutional clients, it’s crucial for us to put a polished, professional foot forward when people land on our site, and we simply couldn’t do that before Uno. They managed to strike a perfect balance between innovative and familiar so that we’re attracting the right type of prospects for our current phase of growth. We’ll absolutely be calling on them for any future website needs. Highly recommend."

Miss O Cool Girls BUIDL

Project Details: Miss O Cool Girls is an exciting player in the web3 space, focusing on empowering and educating girls through an extension brand of Miss O and Friends. As a safe and socialization-oriented platform, Miss O Cool Girls aims to change the narrative for girls (girls refers to gender expansive youth) by lowering barriers to entry in the web3 world. Uno Dos Trae was approached to build an educational hub with tailored resources and curriculum, develop custom branding, design and develop a comprehensive web platform, and create a headless content management system to enable their educational initiatives.

Client had 3 main goals they were looking to accomplish with this project:

Establishing an Extension Brand: Miss O Cool Girls needed to create a distinct extension brand that showcased their educational initiatives on a dedicated platform while complementing the existing Miss O Cool Girls brand. The branding needed to strike a balance between being welcoming and not overly youthful to appeal to their target demographic.
  • Solution: Uno Dos Trae devised a branding strategy that incorporated elements from Miss O Cool Girls' existing brand but also had its own recognizable identity. After conducting thorough research, Uno Dos Trae developed a vibrant and dynamic color palette that utilized digital mixed media elements, creating a collage effect that remained aligned with the brand's signature illustrations and art. This approach ensured the extension brand stood out while still maintaining a sense of familiarity for the existing Miss O Cool Girls community.

Building a Customized Educational Platform: Miss O Cool Girls required a comprehensive educational platform to introduce girls, teens, and women to web3 technology. They required a headless content management system that could host educational resources and make people want to learn. 
  • Solution: Uno Dos Trae undertook the development of a robust web platform that encompassed marketing webpages, a COPPA-compliant registration flow, educational content, gamification elements, user profile management, a user dashboard, events portal with monthly webinars, and an intuitive and user-friendly backend Admin Portal to facilitate management of user profiles and track engagement metrics. Leveraging our expertise in web design and development, Uno Dos Trae built a scalable and user-friendly platform. After pitching gamification to the client, we also integrated gamification elements to make the learning experience more enjoyable for the target audience.

Future Monetization: Miss O Cool Girls aimed to build awareness for their brand and eventually monetize the educational platform through sponsorships, partnerships, and events. 
  • Solution: Through gamification milestones and a quiz feature in each pillar lesson, Uno Dos Trae opened opportunities to empower the client to further monetize the brand through featuring new partnerships, attracting sponsors, and organizing events for users to unlock.

Working closely with Miss O Cool Girls, Uno Dos Trae delivered a custom branding strategy that established a recognizable extension brand while staying true to the overarching Miss O Cool Girls identity. For the web design and development, Uno Dos Trae created a comprehensive educational platform that catered to the needs and preferences of the target audience. The intuitive user interface, gamification elements, and engaging visual design made learning about web3 enjoyable and accessible. The backend Admin Portal empowered the Miss O Cool Girls team to efficiently manage user profiles and content.

In summary, Uno Dos Trae's contributions to branding, web design, and SaaS product development successfully positioned Miss O Cool Girls as a leading educational platform in the web3 space. Our collaboration empowered them to educate and empower their target demographic, provide tailored resources, and change the narrative for girls, teens, and women.

Juliette Brindak,
CO-Founder and CEO, Miss O Cool Girls

"We are so thrilled seeing the BUIDL platform come to life as an elevated version of what we shared initially—it's amazing. Since launching, we've been able to educate the next generation of girls about the new wave of the internet and emerging technologies such as web3! Businesses looking to successfully build and launch a new product should work with Uno. To the team- you are the best!! We loved working with you so much."


Missy Modell

Project Details: Missy Modell is a renowned content creator, super connector, and the founder of Yes MAM Creative, a creative consultancy specializing in mission-based brands. Missy approached Uno Dos Trae seeking assistance with branding, web design, and development to bridge the gap between her personal brand and her business, Yes MAM Creative. The aim was to create a cohesive online presence that showcased her personal brand while aligning with her business offerings.

Client had 3 main goals they were looking to accomplish with this project:

1. Bridging Personal Brand with Business: Missy faced the challenge of merging her personal brand and her business in a way that made sense and connected with her diverse audience. Previously, she had kept them separate, resulting in her different audience segments not being aware of the full range of services she offered, especially when there was overlap in her demographics
  • Solution: Uno Dos Trae worked closely with Missy to develop a comprehensive branding and web design strategy that seamlessly connected her personal brand with Yes MAM Creative. By strategically integrating elements of her personal brand with her business website, we created a cohesive experience that showcased her expertise and offerings while providing a clear understanding of the services available.

Evolving Branding: Missy's personal brand had experienced significant growth and evolution. She needed a fresh branding approach that reflected her personal growth and positioned her as a leading expert in her field. 
  • Solution: Uno Dos Trae embarked on a branding journey with Missy, delving into her vision and goals. Through a collaborative process, we developed a new branding strategy that captured Missy's evolution while staying true to her authentic self. This involved crafting a unique visual identity, selecting appropriate colors, and designing a logo that resonated with Missy's personality and business goals.

3. Implementing Automations: Missy wanted to streamline her website to automate various processes, including client onboarding, partnership bookings, and other opportunities. She sought an efficient system that would save time and enhance her overall business operations.
  • Solution: Uno Dos Trae leveraged our expertise in web development to implement customized automations on Missy's website. We integrated user-friendly systems and tools that simplified the client onboarding process, facilitated partnership bookings, and created a seamless user experience. These automations not only saved time but also enhanced Missy's ability to capture and convert opportunities efficiently.

Through collaboration with Uno Dos Trae, Missy Modell achieved a successful outcome that aligned with her goals. The branding, web design, and development efforts resulted in a cohesive online presence that seamlessly connected her personal brand with Yes MAM Creative. The new branding reflected Missy's growth and evolution, capturing her unique personality and expertise.

The implemented automations streamlined Missy's business operations, enabling efficient client onboarding, partnership bookings, and other opportunities. This newfound efficiency and seamless user experience empowered Missy to focus on expanding her business and exploring new avenues, such as coaching.

Overall, Uno Dos Trae's strategic approach and creative solutions enabled Missy Modell to reimagine her business, build her personal brand, and embrace new opportunities. The outcome not only enhanced Missy's online presence but also inspired a fresh and courageous approach to her business endeavors.
Missy MOdell,
Digital entrepreneur and CEO, Yes Mam creative

"I am thrilled with literally everything! I feel seen and understood in a way, and feel reinvigorated in my approach to my business. Our work together opened up a portal of immediate opportunities!"



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