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My name is Tracy and I'm a photographer, designer and digital marketer with a serious thing for plants.

A few years ago, I was a marketing exec working for one of the biggest media brands in the world. It was my dream job. But this dream quickly turned into a Groundhog Day-kind of nightmare.

In a desperate effort to pull myself out of the daily rut I was experiencing, I invested $300 in a jewelry making workshop, not quite sure of the void I was trying to fill in my life.

That single investment led me to launching my own lifestyle brand, Kalaki Riot. I learned the ins and outs of building a brand from the ground up. I became a master at marketing and could pinpoint exactly what became the game changers for my business.

But then something else became very clear to me: the part that I reeeally enjoyed about this whole entrepreneurial journey was actually helping others in their own pursuit of happiness.

I wanted to help tell that chapter in their story when they said, “Why the hell not?” and launched something purposeful, something they knew they had to build and give a chance to.

I wanted to provide them with a solution to get out of their own way and start sharing their unique talents with the world.

This became my big WHY. The reason why I do what I do.

So I founded Uno Dos Trae, a satellite creative studio that helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and creative humans build the gorgeous visual brands they've always envisioned in their minds. I've experienced first-hand the brilliance that smart branding and visual marketing can have on a business and there are few things more fulfilling to me than when I help others find their visual voice and achieve those same kind of results.

That’s when everything changed.

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