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Uno Dos Trae is a female-founded, female-led team built of storytellers, marketers, and designers ready to bring your vision to life.

The way we see it, great ideas have every ability to change the way the world turns — and we help brands bridge that gap between where they currently are and where they want to be by focusing on the branding and site experience around brand perception and value.

If you're in search of a detail-obsessed design team that truly understands marketing, sales, and launches, let's chat.

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Your success is everything to us.

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We care about you, your customers, and your business. When we say that we want you to succeed, we’re not just talking — we’re doing. Our team understands the value of the work you do, and we want to give you the tools to be the very best at it. Through a multi-passionate, strategic lens, we’re able to develop a full scope of success for you in the form of a stunning website and brand.

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Analytics and creativity should coexist.

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At Uno Dos Trae, we believe in a digital world where color and design belongs right next to in-depth customer research, SEO strategy, and automation tools. We approach each project from this lens, giving you the kind of website that you’ve been dreaming of — but that your ideal clients have been dreaming of, too. 

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Every story is an interesting one.

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When it comes to telling your story, playing by the rules (and doing what everyone else is doing) strips you of that uniqueness and makes your business look like everyone else's.

We know the rules; it's how we create a strong foundation. But we also know how to break them, leading to fresh ideas, unexpected solutions, and the ability to produce remarkable and boundary-pushing brand and website experiences — while keeping your uniqueness in tact.

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Tracy dungo

Founder / creative director

Online: The one that brought the agency to life. With a vibrant background working for brands like Ralph Lauren and People Magazine, followed by the launch of her own e-commerce business (that caught the eye of Tory Burch and ADIDAS), Tracy believes that great brands have the power to shape the world. She founded Uno Dos Trae to help businesses feel seen, heard, and valued by the right customers, fueling their growth through the development of remarkable branding and online presence.

Offline: Podcast junkie, chronic adventurer, and owner of one too many plants, Tracy is also the creator of My Big Idea. When she's not behind her laptop, you can find her with her husband and two kids, chasing the sun in LA or spending summers abroad.

Mary-Ann Briones

operations manager

Online: The one who magically gets us to meet our deadlines and keeps both our clients and team smiling. Mary-Ann believes that a great business is built on great relationships and communications.

Offline: When she's out of the office, Mary-Ann loves spending her free time in nature, whether it's hiking through scenic trails or enjoying peaceful moments by the beach.

Ashley greeno

visibility strategist

Online: The one who knows how to take business presence to new heights. Ashley's got a knack for knowing how to attract leads and making marketing a fun, authentic, and non-stressful experience.

Offline: Previously, Ashley ran Ten Thousand Cookies, selling over 10,000 cookies in the first year of business. Based in Hawaii with her daughter, husband, and their adorable puppy, Ashley loves spending her time catching waves, doing yoga, watching Schitt's Creek, and treating herself to a delicious iced coffee.

susannah hutcheson


Online: The one who can turn anything into a captivating story worth sharing. Susannah's goal is to always help our clients connect their brands to the right people by making an impact with their words.

Offline: Based in Dallas, TX, Susannah is also a reality TV show enthusiast and chronic oversharer. You can probably find her on a plane, re-watching Harry Potter for the 450th time, or walking her dog Holly with an iced Americano (light cream!) in hand.

emily fecsko

ux/ui designer

Online: The one who makes sure that strategy flows through our creative designs with a direct line to your business goals. Emily is always focused on a deep understanding of the user’s needs and how to intersect these with aesthetic design.

Offline: Currently living out of NYC but always on the move, Emily is a lover of people and new experiences. She tries to capture this love through analog street photography and is always experimenting with new mediums like charcoal, acrylic, collage, pen, etc. She also loves making and listening to music, especially post-punk and new wave. On a Friday, you’ll most likely find her at a gig with her Canon ae1 in hand!

kaitlyn liu

designer / Developer

Online: The one who brings a sophisticated and refined touch to our designs for a polished, memorable aesthetic.

Offline: Kaitlyn is from California and spends her offline hours traveling, painting, and hiking.

esther mund

brand / web designer

Online: The one who challenges design norms and creates thought-provoking visuals that stand out from the crowd. When Esther discovered the power of communicating with just shapes and colors, she fell in love. In her own words, "I love that I can tell a brand's entire personality and story with just design."

Offline: A New Yorker living in Canada with her wonderful husband and three boys, you can usually find Esther baking bread, cycling, learning the latest design tool or pretending to be an interior designer.

Chirag Patel


Online: The one who develops our concepts into live, functional builds that serve as powerful tools for your business. As a former information security expert, Chirag always has a pulse on the newest technologies and solutions, taking our website builds to the next level.

Offline: When he's not working, you can find Chirag enjoying life with his lovely wife.

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