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Your Client Journey and Site Design: What You Need to Know

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When building a website or business overall, your client journey matters more than anything.

Over the years, we’ve built lots and lots of sites at Uno Dos Trae — and it means that we’ve learned lots and lots of lessons, too. Part of our process here comes from sharing a lot of the lessons we learn with our clients, since so many of them are fellow creatives and entrepreneurs.

Basically, all the lessons. All the sharing. All the learning.

Here’s the thing: it gets really easy to get caught up in logos and brand colors and bold fonts and forget about everything else. After all, the aesthetics are fun and pretty — and they’re a big part of what we do!

But, the aesthetics don’t matter one bit without the strategy. The purpose. The journey. And that, friends, is something that we consistently teach and drive home to our very own clients.

Wondering how on earth you’re supposed to focus on the client journey and the aesthetics, though? We’ve got you.

(And, psst… once you’ve gotten your client journey on lock, everything else really starts to fall into place.)

Understanding your client journey

The first step to defining your client journey is understanding what, exactly, your client journey is. Really, your client journey is exactly what it sounds like: it involves the steps your clients take on the way to you… and then it involves the steps your clients take once they get to you.

That journey means everything — and then some — as you build your website and, in turn, your business. By being able to step into the shoes that your clients walk in on their way to you, you can start to understand a ton of things: who they are, what they like, what they do, what their problems are, and so much more. And, when you can understand that journey, you can reach your clients in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. 

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3 ways to reflect your client journey on your website

Now, there are a ton of ways that you can understand and then reflect on your client journey — and they’re all equally wonderful and incredible. However, we’re really partial to connecting client journeys with websites… especially since websites allow you the room to continually reflect that journey. The best. 

Now, here’s how to do it:

  1. Map out your client journey before wireframing.

One of the very best ways there is to build your website the right way is to do it intentionally in the first place, which is why we’re huge fans of the good ole’ pen and paper method. Grab your notebook, and start writing down *every* step you think your client takes, starting from the second they start to get even mildly interested in your niche. 

Once you’ve written down each step on the path and curve in the road — no matter how small or unimportant you think they might be — you can use those steps to inform everything from your website copy to the colors and fonts you choose to attract people. See, when you really start to dig in and dive into that client journey, you start to understand your clients on an entirely new level… and that elevates your website and your brand in a way that nothing else really can.

  1. Make every *single* decision with your client in mind.

Now, once you’ve wireframed your site and started to design it with your client journey as the foundation, don’t forget about it. As you go through your site build, think constantly about what the client has experienced in the past, what they’ll experience on your website, and what they’ll experience after they click off of it. 

See, ideally, don’t you want your website to encourage your clients to stay a while — to click around, to read your content, and to contact you, right?! Make sure that each design and strategy decision you make backs that up, whether it’s making sure you include CTA’s and contact boxes or whether it’s choosing a template that you know will excite your clients themselves.

  1. Self-audit your site, regularly.
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After your website has been built and designed with your client journey in mind, you have a big job: and that big job is to never, ever forget about that client journey. The best way to do that? To continually self-audit your website. Once a month or so, click and scroll through all of your pages. Test buttons, test links, and put yourself in your client’s shoes — what are they thinking? Is everything making sense? If you were your own client, would you connect with your website? Trust us here… that continual auditing can really make all the difference.

At Uno Dos Trae, one of our very biggest missions is to help you create a cult brand of your own… and the first step in that cult brand creation lies in helping you define, understand, and then embody your own client journey. The second step, though? Building a website that helps you take that client journey of yours to a whole new level… and you into cult brand territory.

If you’re ready to truly build a website that helps you reach each and every one of those cult brand business goals — without dropping $10K on a designer and copywriter — then you’re in the right place. We’re about to launch Website Blitz, our newest course for helping you create a magical site all on your own (with plenty of direction, of course). Find out more here, and join the waitlist




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