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How to Align Your Content With Your Visual Brand Strategy


By Tracy Dungo

Align Content with Visual Brand Strategy - Uno Dos Trae 5

When it comes to creating content, some of the most common questions I get as a brand strategist are geared towards how to actually align the content with the visual brand strategy:

  • “How the heck can I make my content fit a specific aesthetic?”
  • “How do I make all of my graphics look consistent without a designer?”
  • “How can I make a visually appealing brand? I’m not good at this stuff!”

Odds are, you’ve wondered the same thing… especially in the days of “content is king”, Instagram influencers and businesses run entirely on Pinterest.

Let me be the first to tell you that you are not alone. It can be a lot for any small business owner to create content consistently, let alone align it with your visual brand strategy.

Plus, lucky for you, I have an answer.

The truth is aesthetics really are important when it comes to your brand. People consume content with their eyes first and an audience will always, always be drawn to consistent, appealing graphics and design. While your content offers value and helps to position you as an expert, your brand visuals and overall strategy demonstrate consistency, help you stand out in news feeds, and ultimately create a cohesive experience for your audience.  

And while it’s easy to let this be overwhelming, you don’t need a graphic designer on retainer to create a brand that speaks as beautifully visually as it does in the copy of the content you are creating. It’s all about learning how to create content for your visual brand strategy with curation, creativity, and consistency.

Here’s how:

Curate, Curate, Curate.

So much of the visual content creation process comes down to deciding on an aesthetic that you love for your brand, which is where the fun part starts. It’s all about finding a style for your brand:

  • What do you like?
  • What do you hate?
  • What speaks to your brand?
  • What encapsulates the brand you want your audience to see?
  • What pulls away from that brand goal?
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There are a variety of ways to start curating your own brand aesthetic, from creating Pinterest boards to saving things you like on Instagram. As you work through this process, there’s no need to be picky here. Save everything that you could see as a potential aesthetic from your business, and prune it down later. Take your personal style for example! When you really think about it, discovering and then honing in on your personal style was probably a big (and ever-evolving) process — and curating a style, look and feel for your business will be the same way. 

As you continue to search and then to streamline, you’ll start to see patterns that you can bring into your own aesthetic and brand. You’ll also start to see patterns that you don’t want to pull into your own brand, which is helpful as you begin to curate that specific aesthetic that speaks to your business… no matter the content that you’re creating.

Get Creative With Your Content Creation.

After you’ve started to curate a look and feel for your visual content that speaks to your brand voice and aligns with your visual brand strategy, you can start getting creative with the look you bring to your business and the content you are putting out there.

For your business, this could mean designing a colorway for your video content. Maybe it points to creating social graphics to share tips and tricks with your social media following. Maybe it means building a website that encourages your customers to buy from the first click. Either way, it mirrors your aesthetic in a way that you’re happy with and follows the guidelines that you’ve curated for your visual brand.

Do the work to focus on the aesthetic at the beginning, and that visual success will start to follow.

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Establish style guidelines for your brand that allow your creativity to move within styled borders, and stick to them. This keeps your brand looking consistent from the top down, no matter how creative the content itself is. It also makes life easier on you, on your team, and on any freelancers that come along. 

Stay Consistent With Your Brand Strategy.

The biggest (and simplest) tip I have? Stay Consistent. 

Consistency is exactly what takes a pretty visual aesthetic and makes it impactful. A lack of consistency is exactly what takes a pretty visual aesthetic and makes it messy.

When you use the right tools, consistency becomes a lot easier. I’m a huge fan of using presets (and there are so many good ones to choose from!), as well as utilizing apps like Planoly to pull through that aesthetic that you have worked so hard to create. 

If you can get in a place in your business where that visual brand of yours stays consistent, you’ll immediately create brand trust, brand recognition, and a brand that people remember — and that’s key to a visual brand that truly honors your voice and strengthens your content and the value you’re offering.

Download my Visual Storytelling Resource Guide | Uno Dos Trae

Over all, creating content that aligns with your brand strategy is a process — and, like most things, it’s a process that you can streamline and highlight to make your own. Truly, it’s all about sticking to three areas of focus: curation, creativity, and consistency. The thing is, your visual voice speaks loudly for your brand. When you can find a method that works for you, the impact is majorly magnified.

As a brand strategist and web designer with years of experience creating powerful brands, I’m an expert when it comes to making massive visual moves. With my free Visual Storytelling Resource Guide, you can finally find the keys to unlocking the visual story your brand can’t wait to tell.

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