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The 3 Content Platforms To Create For To Grow Your Brand

Uno Dos Trae HQ

By Tracy Dungo

Content Platforms to Grow - Uno Dos Trae - 5

By now you understand that content is key to your business. Whether you’re a product-based business killing it with something special or you’re a service-based business offering up your knowledge, you know content matters. But, it’s also tricky to really understand where your content needs to live, ie. what your content platforms should be. After all, don’t most people just count a blog as their content? 

Yes… and no — at least, not if they’re doing it right.

Here’s the thing: content can be so much more than just blog content. There are several arenas you can be focusing in when it comes to content, whether you’re wanting to strut your video skills or record a podcast. The key? Making sure your content is searchable, no matter what. Here’s why.

Why Creating Searchable Content Matters For Your Business

Before we continue, I’d like to offer a quick disclaimer. It’s incredibly important to understand this: If you have a site or a social presence for your business, you’re doing great.

That said, if you really started digging into the amount of abandoned business sites on the web, you’d probably be shocked at the amount of lost revenue potential you see floating around. There is so much content out there on the web, often not reaching its fullest potential or being found by the right audience. 

And that’s if there is content! At the same time, a lack of content makes it impossible to search or find your site or social presence… and what the heck’s the point of that? 

By nurturing a consistent content strategy across your platforms (ie. creating content and making it searchable), your future dream clients will find you. Without one, it’s going to be a lot harder to grow like you’re dreaming of. Creating searchable content matters for your business, plain and simple. 

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The 3 Biggest Content Platforms Loved by Search Engines

When it comes to creating that content that’s searchable, it’s important to think about the ways your dream clients are searching the web. Your best bets? Blogs, podcasts, and video content. By creating content that will pop up in those search engine platforms, you know your brand will benefit. After all, showing up is the first way to encourage people to follow along, to learn more about you, to learn from you, and ultimately to buy from you. 

Content Platform 1: Blogs

Creating blog content is one of the most effective ways you can reach your audience and you can cover a variety of topics regularly. By optimizing your blog posts for SEO (search engine optimization) and publishing consistently, your content will make its way to the top of the search engine… making you top of mind to any potential clients.

Uno Tip: Using your content pillars to create top ideas, define your blog content calendar in advance. This helps you to hold yourself accountable, and is also key in ensuring that your content makes sense for your business and is working towards your goals.

Content Platform 2: Podcasts

These days, podcasts are one of the most digested forms of content. Personally, I love them! They can be an excellent way to reflect your business and share your knowledge to truly position yourself like a pro and build that authority. By creating a podcast that speaks to your experience and engages an audience, you can quickly create another income stream.

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Uno Tip: If creating a podcast yourself isn’t your vibe, that’s perfectly fine… and understandable. Your next step? Pitch yourself as a podcast guest, and reap the benefits in a totally different way by leveraging someone else’s audience! 

Content Platform 3: YouTube Videos

YouTube has long since been a huge way for creators to make money and could be the perfect spot for you. The best thing about YouTube is the variety of options you have on the platform: from creating how-to videos to interviewing guests to dreaming up a series that fits your niche, the possibilities are endless.

Uno Tip: If you’ve been creating IGTV videos or valuable information via Stories, compile them all into themed videos for easy YouTube uploads that bring tons of value to your audience. Vice versa, with IGTV videos allowed to be horizontal now, you can repurpose your YouTube videos onto Instagram too! 

Next up, it’s time to create content that you’re seriously proud of — because that, my friends, is really where all of the value is. When you focus on content that truly aligns with who you are as a brand, that searchable content magnifies into the words, the pictures, and the sounds that inspire your audience to take action… and inspires you to keep creating.

If you’re looking for a checklist to help you ensure that your content is hitting the mark each and every time, I have you covered! Download our go-to guide for creating content that sells, and you’ll be on your way to building out searchable content that matters to your business.

Download the Ultimate Content Strategy Guide by Uno Dos Trae

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