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Branding vs Marketing: What You Need to Know About Both

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As an entrepreneur, there are two terms you’ve probably heard a lot about: branding vs marketing. And, if you’re not super well-versed in both, it can be easy to get them confused — even though they’re really not even close to the same thing.

Here’s the thing: branding and marketing serve two completely different purposes in your business, and they both feed off of each other. At the same time, branding and marketing have the same end goal — to appeal to the right audience so you can grow your business.

Your job? To understand them both completely — marketing and branding — so that you can harness strategies that completely transform and elevate your business.

So… What Is The Difference Between Branding vs Marketing?

To really understand the difference between branding vs marketing, you need to understand them separately. While they have the same end game (to make you money and grow your business), they have super different approaches. Here’s an example of branding vs marketing:

Marketing is about strategically placing the right message in the right place at the right time to ultimately convert people into customers. Marketing is also super recognizable to you, too — everything from paid social media ads to billboards to commercials are under that marketing umbrella, and it’s very customer-facing.

On the other hand, branding is what influences that message that marketing delivers. Branding is what helps a business to truly make connections with that audience. From aligning a businesses mission or values to creating a visual identity, branding is made up of all of the pieces that can create those connection points. 

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A Real World Example of Branding vs Marketing in Your Business

To give you a real life example you might use in your business, think about running ads. Say you’re paying a Facebook ad strategist to manage your ad spend and optimize your conversions. Technically, they can put up any copy and any images to promote your offering… right? Well, yes, they can. But you probably won’t get the results you want. However, if your Facebook ad strategist has access to clear guidelines that can help them design your marketing asset, you’ll have much more confidence in how that ad performs. With a carefully branded marketing asset (get it?), you’ll have trust that people will connect with the people that see it.

Branding vs Marketing… In Action

Now that you understand branding and marketing separately, it’s extremely helpful to look at examples of both of them in action. The key thing to remember about branding vs marketing? Branding makes the connections, and marketing shares the connections. Branding is always going to happen first, since it sets the stage for really great marketing. 

Here are some examples:

Nike: Everyone and their mom knows Nike’s bold fonts, its swoosh logo, and it’s famous slogan — Just Do It. They focus on inner and athletic strength, and their brand shows strong heroes in all walks of life. That knowledge comes from an incredible brand strategy — and one that makes Nike instantly recognizable across the globe. You’ve also probably seen tons of Nike commercial ads, you’ve watched as their brand has continually partnered with technology like Apple, and you’ve seen their impeccable social media presence. That is marketing.

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Apple: Apple is one of those instantly recognizable global brands, too. Streamlined colors, a simple font, and the famous crisp apple itself have created a magnet of a brand that everyone knows. Apple’s marketing is the same, too — in fact, it’s often immediately obvious that a commercial is an Apple one, that an ad is for an iPhone, or that a secret seasonal meeting typically leads to new product waitlists in the millions. With a top-notch branding and marketing strategy, there’s nothing quite like Apple.

If there’s one thing you’ve noticed, it’s probably that the best marketing comes from a strong brand framework. Without an instantly recognizable brand, your marketing won’t have the same impact — and impact is an essential part of the puzzle. 

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