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How to Get More Views on Instagram Reels (+10 Creative Reels Ideas!)

Social Media

By Team Uno Dos Trae

Uno Dos Trae - Instagram Reels Ideas - 5

Don’t know where to start when it comes to Instagram Reels? I’ve got you. It’s no secret that video is one of the most powerful things you can leverage for your business — especially if your business has a presence on social (read: Instagram). While I’ll always be a huge fan of blog posts and Instagram captions, I’m also not blind to the fact that people really love video, and learning to show up with video is becoming increasingly more important as time goes on, whether it’s on TikTok or Instagram.

Plus, it looks like the people at Instagram think this, too. If you’re plugged into the digital marketing space, you probably heard that the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, said in a video recently (to quite a bit of uproar) that Instagram is “no longer a photo sharing app.” While I certainly don’t think that this means you need to sprint full speed away from sharing photos (never!), I think it’s a pretty good sign that videos and Reels are going to keep making a big impact in that good ole’ algorithm we all know and love — and, as Mosseri said in the same video, Instagram is looking to invest in and expand that video and creative side of the app.

Your job? To up your video content.

The kicker? You also need to optimize your views so you’re not wasting your own time.

If you read that and thought “wait, so now I have to be better about showing up on video AND I have to give more thought to optimizing those videos so people can see them? I don’t have time!” I can guarantee you’re not alone.

After all, we’re all crazy busy trying to run businesses. But, if we’re going to learn something new and focus on sharing video and creating Instagram Reels ideas for content in addition to everything else, we all need to make sure people are actually *seeing* it. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Do Instagram Video Views Matter?

When it comes to growing your business on Instagram, you’re at the mercy of the algorithm — or the way that the app prioritizes what your audience sees and doesn’t see on the app. As Instagram follows in the footsteps of other apps like Clubhouse, TikTok, and even YouTube, they’re rewarding users who are sharing video content and Reels that people want to engage with. Since more views = more of an audience to engage with that content of yours, it makes sense that you’d want more eyes on it.

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Getting more Instagram video views is like a domino effect for your social strategy. If you unlock the right way to get more video and Reels viewers, you’ll also unlock the way to grow your following, increase your overall engagement, and boost your leads.

It’s just like magic, except that it’s possible to unlock with a clear and simple strategy. You ready?

How to Get More Views on Reels + Instagram Video Content

When it comes to getting more views on Instagram Reels and on your in-feed video posts, it’s all about consistency, engagement, and showing up (even when you don’t want to). Here’s the thing — it’s really easy to make things complicated on Instagram, and it’s not hard to get caught up in the algorithm we were just talking about. However, there’s nothing more impactful than simply being there — and by regularly sharing Reels, by focusing on implementing a regular piece video in your strategy, and by engaging with the people who are engaging with you, you can start to unlock the elusive high view counts on IG. 

However, actionable steps always help, too — and these are some of my favorites:

  • Edit your Reels in the Instagram app, instead of editing them on your computer or on an app like TikTok.
  • Make on-brand Reels thumbnails for the videos you share.
  • Use hashtags sparingly but strategically, choosing ones that make sense for the audience you want to attract.
  • Share the Reels you create to your feed and to your stories.
  • Connect each Reel to an opt-in, a blog post, or a learning opportunity.
  • Make use of trending Instagram Reels sounds instead of using original audio.
  • Add closed captions to your Reels to make them more accessible.
  • Have fun with it by putting your own spin on fun trends you’re seeing on the Reels portion of your app.

10 Ideas to Level Up Your Instagram Reels

Now that you know how to optimize your views and understand why the heck Instagram Reels are so important, it’s time to start creating! Here are 10 Reels ideas for some inspiration. Be sure to bookmark this blog post to come back to next time you need some Reels ideas!

  1. Show a behind-the-scenes look into a client project, whether it’s your logo design process or the way you keep client communication streamlined.
  2. Introduce yourself (hint, hint — show your face!), share a little bit more about what you do, and invite people to do the same!
  3. Share an actionable tip someone can take in their own business, and bonus points if it reflects your own skill set.
  4. Expand on your most popular blog post or newsletter topic with a Reel that adds some additional insight.
  5. Encourage your audience to keep going by sharing a funny or relatable story from your own business or life.
  6. Share (and tag!) the services, software, and people that help your own business run smoothly, whether it’s the CRM that keeps you organized or your favorite planner.
  7. Take people through a day in your life, from the second you wake up to the moment you quit work for the day.
  8. Detail your own services + products on Reels to show more people what you can offer them. (Pssst… people love knowing how you can solve a problem in their business or life).
  9. Showcase the difference between what people may THINK running your business consists of and what it actually takes to do it — and don’t be afraid to get vulnerable.
  10. Show a before and after of something that relates to your product or service, like an initial hand drawing of a logo you designed versus the final, completed file.
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Download the Weekly Content Planner for Instagram | Uno Dos Trae

As a business owner, you’re already killing it just by being who you are. Things like Instagram Reels just offer an additional way to expand your audience and grow your business. Instead of stressing about it all, just have fun. The way I see it, your Reels views don’t matter if they don’t excite you or bring you any joy. Life’s way too short to panic over Instagram algorithms, okay? If you’re excited to start but a little unsure of how to plan out your content, swipe my own weekly IG content planner here. It’s the exact one we use on the Uno team, and it’s SO dang helpful.

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