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I've spent my career building brands, designing websites, and sharing my seasoned marketing experience with companies and entrepreneurs just like you. I already know you're doing great things. My mission? To show you how to build a profitable brand experience that continues to grow with your business (and your bottom line).

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My Secret To Explaining Your Brand With Confidence and Clarity


By Tracy Dungo

Imagine this: you’re shopping for a new laptop. The salesperson presents you with two of the latest models that just hit the shelf. One is the brand new MacBook. The other is identical to the MacBook in every way — from features to aesthetics to pricing. Except, it’s from a brand you’ve never heard of before. 

Which would you choose? 

I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’re going with the MacBook. 

Why? Because of Apple’s masterful branding

Here’s the thing: the company is known for being cutting-edge, cool, and innovative. It’s kind of their thing. Do their products actually embody these qualities? Sure. But the real reason why you immediately associate the MacBook with “being cool”? It’s because Apple does an amazing job of reinforcing these concepts in their customers’ minds. They have a strong brand foundation that drives the consistent brand experience with their customers. So much so that they even have their customers talking about their brand in the way they intended.

And Apple’s not the only one — you encounter brands like this regularly. So how do they do it? How do they effectively communicate what they’re about time and time again with unwavering clarity and confidence?

Three words: strong brand statement.


Brand Statement: My Secret To Explaining Your Brand With Confidence and Clarity |


Why you need a brand statement

A brand statement condenses your brand foundation — what you are best at, who you serve, how you do it uniquely — into one or two sentences. It defines who you are as a business and what others can expect from you. And it makes it easy for others to get on board with what you have to offer.

Do you know this feeling? When you know what your business or idea is all about…but when you begin to tell someone about it, a hot mess of scrambled thoughts comes tumbling out of your mouth instead?

It’s the worst, right?

It goes a little something like this: someone asks a simple, innocuous question: “So, what do you do?”

Even though you’ve answered this question a million times before, you still feel that pit of insecurity start to form in your stomach.

“Well, I…” you begin as you look at the ground.

Instead of giving a confident and concise explanation, you sound unsure.

And then you ask, “Does that make sense?” after you’re done explaining. Oof, great.

Being able to clearly define your business in one concise sentence is 100x more effective than rattling off a list of services or product descriptions to a potential customer who might not even know why they should care yet.⠀

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And that’s not all. Here’s why it’s worth knowing your brand statement:



Narrow your focus

A strong, robust brand statement can help you shape your brand strategy with a clear purpose and defined vision. It can be tempting to veer off course and follow every single trend that pops up, but your brand statement will keep you on the right path. 

Empower Your Decision Making

Ever feel like you are making decision after decision and have no idea what the right answers are? Your brand statement is a game-changing tool that can be used as a filter to help you determine the choices that best align with your brand. 

Establish relationships with customers

Consumers are driven by emotion. Of course, they have to like your products or services to hand over their money. But in order to do that, you have to make it easy for them to know why they are choosing you over your competitors.

Create consistency

The key to strong branding is consistency. There should be cohesion between your products, your marketing, your website, etc. Your customers should be able to recognize that any component–whether it’s an email, a shopping bag, or an Instagram post– is from your business. You can use your branding statement  as a reference point to ensure your key branding pillars are reflected throughout everything you do.  

Increase Profit

By having a narrow focus, making smart decisions, developing strong relationships with customers, and creating consistency, you are setting yourself up for success. Not only will these aspects help you drive traffic, grow your email list, and increase brand awareness, but they will help you grow your bottom line, which is what ultimately separates the hobbyists from the badass bosses. If you’re looking for some other ways to uplevel your brand foundation, start with these essential resources to catapult your business to the next level. 

Next Steps

So now that we’re all on the same page about why having a brand statement is key, go ahead and write yours!

…juuuuust kidding. I wouldn’t throw you into the deep end like that. 

Writing a brand statement starts with figuring out the true essence of your brand, which is easier said than done. Ask yourself these four questions to really help get a deeper understanding of the building blocks that make up your brand. 

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Take out a pen and paper (yes, an actual pen and paper. Did you know that writing by hand actually sparks creativity, limits distractions, and forces you to slow down and think more methodically?)

Once you have your pen and paper in hand, grab a cup of coffee, set up in a cozy spot, and dive into the following list of questions. Try to write whatever comes to mind and avoid restricting your thoughts. 

  1. What business are you really in? Defining the exact space in which you operate helps focus your direction.
  2. Who is your ideal customer? Who is your target market or audience you are serving? You might have more than one, but focusing on your main target group will help immensely in crafting your statement.
  3. What unique value do you provide them with? What results do you help your customers get through your product or service offering?
  4. How do your customers feel after engaging with your brand or product? What are the transformative benefits you provide? What will your customers be able to accomplish after having worked with or purchased from you?

Got it? Good. Now, it’s time to organize those free-flowing thoughts. My Standout Brand Statement Guide will show you how to transform your answers into a concise, effective brand statement (2 different ways!).



Remember, a strong branding statement drives strong branding. It empowers you as a business owner by giving you the confidence to know what’s right for your brand and the ability to take results-oriented action.  

You’ll be able to successfully communicate all of your thoughts that define what you do, how you differ from everyone else in your space, and what you pledge to consistently deliver to your ideal audience. It’s much easier for people to get on board with your vision when they know what in the actual heck it is that you’re talking about.

Once you have a killer brand statement as a tool in your toolkit, you can sprinkle it across all of your channels to build brand trust and help to reinforce to others what it is that you want to be known for.

Download the Standout Brand Statement Guide and get started. Once you’ve completed your work, share your newly fresh brand statement below for quick feedback!

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