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The Anatomy of Building a Profitable Sales Page

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Ahh, sales pages — a key piece of selling a digital product or service, and also the bane of many an entrepreneurs existence because how the heck do you build a profitable sales page that converts?! Knowing the right structure and the anatomy of a sales page that converts is the key.

I get it. Writing is hard… especially when it comes to YOUR business.

Writing emails? Writing blog posts? Writing an about page? Stressful, but okay.

Now, writing a sales page that actually connects with your audience and converts them into paying customers? Oof — it gets tough, and fast. That said, sales pages are an important part of being an entrepreneur in the digital space. There’s really no way around it and it’s important that you learn how to write and design a profitable sales page for your business to survive and thrive.

Luckily, I’m no stranger to selling products and services online — and I’ve landed on a framework for every sales page I write that I’m ready to share. 

Wait… How Do I Know What the Right Anatomy of a Sales Page Is?

In my experience, there’s nothing quite as imposter-syndrome-causing as asking a (non-copywriting) entrepreneur to write a sales page. After all, trying to write something that encompasses something so important to you is hard in itself — and optimizing it so it actually converts is something else.

That’s where the anatomy of a sales page comes in. Regardless of your offer, it’s your job to do a few things: forge a true connection with the reader, explain why they need your offer, and then detail (like, really detail) what your offer is. So, before you drop money on a well-designed sales page template for your website, get the content right first… because that’s what will sell your offer faster than absolutely anything else. (But if you are ready for one, we’ve got you).

The Anatomy of a Sales Page

Trust me here: writing a profitable sales page isn’t as hard as you might think it is — IF you know what to include in it. Otherwise, it’s really easy to just start word vomiting into a Google Doc and wondering how you came up with any of it. Before you ever start, take the time to get clear and confident in what you’re offering and why you’re offering it. Once you’ve laid that solid foundation for yourself, you can start to create something seriously profitable. The following is a breakdown of the anatomy of a sales page that is going to get you results and money in the bank.

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Connection with your audience.

When a potential client or a customer is curious enough to click on your sales page, you’ve already done something right. Your next job, though? To keep them curious enough to keep clicking and scrolling — which comes down to connection. First up, touch on the pain points of your potential client. What do they feel? What frustrates them? What do they need a solution for?

This is where pathos comes in (a la high school English class): or using emotional ties to make connections. By talking about the things your potential client may be experiencing — and, in turn, leveraging those to highlight your offer — you will show your potential client that your offer may be just what helps them out the most.

True clarity on your offer.

There is nothing more frustrating — or more likely to make someone click off of your sales page — than when the sales page offer isn’t clearly defined. If you don’t have a true and clear explanation of your offer, it’s your job to find that clarity before you ever write a sales page. When writing your sales page, do your best to share the who, what, when, where, and why of your offer — and then continually refer to it. People love details, and it’s your job to provide them.

Without true offer clarity, you won’t make sales. If anything, you’ll end up with confusion on part of your audience along with confusion on the part of you, too. After all, if you can’t find clarity on your offer in your sales page, your offer itself probably isn’t as strongly aligned as it needs to be — and that points to some deeper work that you need to do before diving into selling it.

Underlining your expertise.

You know that your offer is the very best of its kind, right? In fact, it’s the very best of its kind because of you and because of your expertise. Your job? To make sure that your potential client understands that, too. Often, sales pages typically connect to some pretty high-ticket offers and, in turn, the people looking to buy those high-ticket offers want to know who they’re buying from.

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You don’t necessarily need to include a full professional bio on your sales page (though you can!). Instead, just make sure to add in a section on your sales page that shows your face, offers a quick one-liner value proposition, and showcases some of your relevant experience. Brag on yourself a little!

Touch on objections.

A huge piece of creating a profitable sales page comes down to making sure that you know what could be keeping your potential client from clicking the “purchase” button — and then giving them the information they need to encourage them to click it anyways. Before sitting down to type out your sales page, make a list:

  • What could be keeping someone from purchasing this?
  • What are some FAQ’s someone may have about my offer?
  • Who is this offer right for, and who is it not right for?
  • What are the exact pieces of value my offer will provide?
  • How can I justify this cost if I need to?

Now, include a section on your sales page that directly touches on each of those objections… along with an additional option to contact you for further information. It reminds your audience that you care about what they think, and it’s a great way to continue building trust.

Here’s the thing: you 1,000% have the ability to craft a sales page that will get you conversions and sell your offer. The first step you need to take, though? To understand who your ideal client is so that you can actually use your offer to connect with them… and genuinely. 

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