5 Places Non-Designers Can Find Visual Brand Inspiration

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5 Places Where Non-Designers Can Find Visual Brand Inspiration


By Tracy Dungo

5 Places Female Entrepreneurs Find Visual Brand Inspiration
5 Places Female Entrepreneurs Find Visual Brand Inspiration
5 Places Non-Designers Find Visual Brand Inspiration
5 Places Entrepreneurs Find Visual Brand Inspiration

5 Places Female Entrepreneurs Find Visual Brand Inspiration

Do you ever just sit around, waiting to…get inspired?

You might know the feeling: sitting with a cup of coffee, a notebook, and Photoshop open… just waiting for some creative brilliance to jump into your head and fly out through your fingers. 

Every creative knows the struggle of trying to be a genius with a seemingly empty-of-inspiration brain, and I’m no stranger to that feeling. Over the years (and especially when it comes to finding visual brand inspiration), I’ve found ways to spark both my team’s and my creativity when it doesn’t seem to want to come, and these 5 sites are a great place to start when it comes to finding visual brand inspiration.

From Pinterest to Awwwards, settle on in with a fresh cup of coffee, a clean notebook, and Photoshop open. This time, I can promise you’ll find some creative brilliance jumping into your head, okay?

My Favorite Places To Find Visual Brand Inspiration

  1. Pinterest

It just wouldn’t be a resource on finding visual brand inspiration without a shout-out to the OG, Pinterest. While Pinterest is super ideal for everything from dinner recipes to outfit ideas, it’s a true blue gold mine of visual brand inspo. Scrolling down Pinterest is one of our favorite ways to glean some inspiration from fellow artists and creators, and it’s the best way to get a spark of creativity for a new project or venture.

Uno Dos Trae tip: Get super specific when making your Pinterest boards so that you can save and reference things you loved at any point. On our team, we have boards for everything from colors and mood boards we love to inspiring, creative workspaces and patterns. Follow us on Pinterest here

  1. Instagram

It’s no secret that Instagram has changed the game on a million levels. From scaling creative businesses to new levels and creating much of influencer culture to allowing for connection through creativity and being the backbone of many business models, the gram is a must-scroll for every single creative entrepreneur that I know. Instagram is a user-generated content wonderland, and is the best place ever to get consistent inspiration from a huge variety of people, whether you’re knee-deep in a brainstorm sesh or looking for creative story strategies or super cohesive feeds. 

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Uno Dos Trae tip: Only follow accounts that truly spark up that creative whirring within you, whether that happens to be brands you admire or bloggers whose content you resonate with. Life’s way too short to follow people that strike up the comparison game, so curate who you follow well. We’re pretty fun to follow (we think!), and you can follow us here

  1. Behance

From the Best of Behance to the Creative Tools sections on the site, Behance is the perfect spot to scope out design work that you can’t help but get inspired by. Just a scroll through galleries on the site will have you reaching for a notepad to start doodling… immediately. You can find pretty much anything on Behance, from stunning drawn art to font types to advertisements, and it’s one of those places that will have you seriously thankful for creative people and their talents.

Uno Dos Trae tip: Make good use of the galleries that you’ll find on Behance, which are categorized as everything from Photoshop and graphic design to motion and product design. This feature allows you to get nice and specific on what exactly you’re looking for, which is nice on a platform so full of so much to see. 

  1. Awwwards

With worldwide creators and designers who act as judges and juries to pick out some of the best design work on the planet, Awwwards is one of those internet havens full of serious excellence. It’s stocked with the work of incredibly talented creators and designers who have the special sauce we’re all looking for, and it’s a particularly good spot for visual website inspo with the “Website of the Day” awards given to stunning websites on the daily.

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Uno Dos Trae tip: Take advantage of the masterclasses, live workshops, and courses that are taught by people who really know what they’re doing when it comes to web design, coding, and brand alignment. We’re big fans of learning from our peers, and this is a great place to do it.

  1. Designspiration

You can explore everything from colors and landing pages to abstract photography and vintage logos on Designspiration, which is a jam-packed treasure trove of inspiration everywhere you look. No matter the concept you’re working on, you’ll find it here — which is what makes it such a favorite for our team. 

Uno Dos Trae tip: You can use the color search feature on Designspiration to search both colors AND tags at the same time, which is perfect for those times when you have a general idea in your head but you just need a little inspiration to get you there. 


Finding creativity can seem fleeting, but having these apps and sites in your favorites can make visual brand inspiration a little easier to catch. In case you’re feeling supercharged levels of inspiration after scrolling our favorite platforms (we definitely are!), our mood board template will help you to get a grasp on your vision and start creating.

Download my free mood board template

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