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Granada, Nicaragua


By Tracy Dungo

As much as I love industrial and monochrome cities, I am a sucker for all things rustic and colorful. And Granada is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nicaragua. When I was looking for places to visit in Nicaragua, I discovered that Granada is fairly easy to get to. It’s located just one hour away from the capital Managua, where Nicaragua’s major airport is. It’s also right on Lake Nicaragua, which means it’s not landlocked; and in Central America, that means comfortable (not stifling) weather. And the colorful structures that surround you makes it feel like you stepped into the most picturesque postcard with architecture reminiscent of the colonial era from which it was built.

Kalaki Riot Lifestyle Travel Blog | Walking through Granada, Nicaragua PhotographyThe streets lined with vibrant colored buildings makes Granada one of the most photogenic places to visit in NicaraguaKalaki Riot Lifestyle Travel Blog | Random Details in Granada, Nicaragua PhotographyKalaki Riot Lifestyle Travel Blog | Walking through Granada, Nicaragua PhotographyKalaki Riot Lifestyle Travel Blog | Walking through Granada, Nicaragua PhotographyKalaki Riot Lifestyle Travel Blog | Inspiration in Granada, Nicaragua PhotographyKalaki Riot Lifestyle Travel Blog | Sunset Drive from Managua to Granada, Nicaragua Photography

One Of The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Nicaragua

There is a budding hipster-like culture in the city that reminds me a lot of Brooklyn. And while the city isn’t full of hipsters (yet), pockets of global influence and rustic details attract travelers from all over. Local prints, animal skulls, recycled jars, wicker baskets, wrought iron structures, and more are making Granada’s restaurants, bars, and boutique shops utterly photogenic.

A few know-before-you-go photo opportunities.

Colorful streets – Spend some time exploring the city by foot. My favorites have vibrant buildings with interesting doors as well. But do be careful with your gear. As always when you travel, be sure to have a good hold on your camera and belongings.

Garden Cafe – a bit touristy but still a great option to grab brunch or lunch. Try to get a table by the courtyard. And be sure to check out the book lending area near the bakery as well.

Espressonista – a specialty gourmet coffee shop and restaurant with Brooklyn-like vibes.

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Tribal Hotel – this place needs its own post.

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