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How I make sure that every single piece of content I share online is not only beautiful, but also drives towards results and hits goals every time

A former Ralph Lauren and People Magazine marketing exec and business owner twice over, I launched my first business, Kalaki Riot (a DTC jewelry lifestyle brand) as a side-hustle, learning the ins and outs of building a brand from the ground up—it was basically 101 of "how to execute big brand marketing on a small biz budget." There were some late nights, but I passed, wink.

The biggest game changer? Figuring out exactly how to turn my business into an actual brand experience by leveraging the customer journey propelled my business to the next level ... and with that, I realized I wanted other entrepreneurs to experience the same.

Today Uno Dos Trae explores case study learnings, resources, strategies, and motivation to zero women like YOU in on what it takes to build strong visual brand experiences. C'mon inside—I'll reveal the exact steps I've taken to stop playing small and start thinking big to make your brand building life easier, way less stressful, and definitely win back your weekends and free time ... without sacrificing your aesthetics (or your confidence).

I'm Tracy


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