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One of the biggest challenges for people who launch brands is aligning their brand's visual identity with their positioning and message?

sound familiar? read on

how do i know?

because a lot of their stories begin with an email just like this:


- Kate dunham, kate dunham llc

She was especially helpful in supporting me to think through how to create a seamless experience and cohesive brand while catering to a few different audiences.

"The tools that Tracy provides for you make the process relatively painless, and will help you get much sharper on your messaging and clearer on your place in the market and your value."

There's a problem with this mentality, though.
That's quite a lot of pressure you're putting on one newsletter design or the color theme of your Instagram feed, to be responsible for how well your business does.

If only I could make a few things look "better," my business would really take off.

It's easy to think: 

say no more, I'm in!

"But aren't these elements part of branding?" you ask. 

Absolutely. They are part of the equation for sure.

But without first understanding the brand experience you are building (and therefore knowing the gaps in your business), these elements are just pretty band aids.

See what I'm saying?

Each lesson is delivered via email and has been designed for you to complete in the same day.
(We're all about impact and efficiency here at Uno Dos Trae!)

After going through this training, you will:

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Say byeeee to mindless updates and tinkering away at your branding.
Finally have a way of uncovering pockets of opportunity in your brand that can contribute to your bottom line.
Shift your mindset and step into your power to brand and market your business better like the "big brands."

What you're about to learn in this training are hands-down some of the most impactful strategies I've implemented in my own businesses and hundreds of others just like yours.

- danielle gumina, it's me danielle

Before I wasn't able to piece together my brand, colors, aesthetic, and mission. I felt very overwhelmed with all of the possible directions I could go. Tracy gave me a better understanding of who I am and what I stand for as a blogger.

"I gained a sense of organization and clarity and now know exactly what my direction is."

As a former Ralph Lauren and People Magazine marketing exec and business owner twice over, Tracy's built the Uno Dos Trae community by sharing case study learnings, resources, strategies, and motivation with both entrepreneurs and companies looking to infuse personality into their businesses and build strong visual brand experiences. With the Big Brand Confidence training, she reveals the exact steps she's taken to stop playing small and start thinking big in order to scale both of her businesses to the next level.

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